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Are you interested in an immersive two-week experience in China? Huawei's Seeds for the Future program is now accepting applications from undergraduate students majoring in information and telecommunications technology, computer science, or engineering-related disciplines for an all-expenses paid opportunity to interact with experts in the field and receive an introduction to Chinese Language and culture. The program allows students to gain practical experience in an increasingly dynamic field at an international, industry-leading technology company.

Program Description

Huawei Seeds for the FutureHuawei Seeds for the Future is a two week summer program for college undergraduates designed to provide an international experience for the next generation of information and communications technology (ICT) professionals building careers in a rapidly globalizing environment.

Sponsored by global ICT leader Huawei Technologies, the all-expenses program will provide participants an opportunity to spend two weeks in China (one week in Beijing and one week in Shenzhen) gaining first-hand knowledge and technical training at Huawei’s global headquarters and receiving an introduction to Chinese language and culture.

Designed to bridge the gap between ICT instruction at universities and the practical knowledge and skills needed in the workplace, the program combines hands-on training and the opportunity to learn from veterans in the field. By also providing an introduction to Chinese language and culture, the program prepares participants for careers in an increasingly interconnected global marketplace in which understanding and cooperation between China and the United States grow more important each day.

Program Components

Language & Culture TrainingLanguage & Culture Training

The program begins with a week of introductory Chinese language and culture classes at Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) in Beijing, China. During this week, students will begin to acclimate to their new environment and learn the essentials needed to go about everyday life in China.

Practical ICT Instruction & Hands-On Technical Training

For the second week of the program, students will travel to Shenzhen to study at Huawei’s global headquarters. This component of the program includes an introduction to the company and its culture, strategy, and values; visits to state-of the-art R&D and factory facilities; training in ICT technology and solutions; and the opportunity to learn from experienced Huawei engineers.

ExcursionsExcursions & Activities

The program also includes activities and excursions allowing participants to visit some of China’s most important historic landmarks including the Great Wall and Forbidden City, sample a selection of the country’s diverse and delectable cuisine, and gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.

PartnersAdministration & Partners

Employing more than 76,000 engineers in 20 distinct global research and development centers and recruiting 6,000 to 10,000 new graduates annually, Huawei Technologies is passionate about developing the next generation of global ICT professionals Learn more about Huawei→

Proud to help provide this unique opportunity to American undergraduate students, American Councils for International Education has partnered with Huawei to facilitate the recruitment, selection, and pre-departure stages of the program.

HousingHousing & Meals

All meals and hotel accommodations in both Beijing and Shenzhen will be covered as part of the program.

SupportSupport Services


Participants are enrolled in comprehensive overseas health, accident, and evacuation insurance through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) for the duration of the program. CISI provides medical coverage of up to $250,000 per accident or illness. Enrollment in the CISI plan also provides full coverage for emergency medical evacuation.

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